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Are you keeping your software up to date?

Are you keeping your software up to date?

by Carl HamiltonMarch 25, 2019

So only a month ago you were applying Operating System updates, you turn on your machine and it turns out there are more updates to be installed. Do you just install the updates or how often do you dismiss them because you’re in the middle of an important piece of work?

It can be too easy to dismiss an important update, however if those updates include security patches you can be putting your data at risk.

With the constant rise of Malwareand Ransomware applying security patches is critical to a business, if there is a breach then the whole network is at risk.

CHTSIwork with companies across Yorkshire to deploy automated monitoring and protection, with third-party patching and controlling the Operating System updates we ensure our customers systems are sealed up tight.

What do software updates contain?

Security patches are all about Data protection and bug fixes, where software updates can also include adding new features and can help with the compatibility with other programs.

Both are important to keeping your office running smoothly and ensuring no security issues with PCI or HIPAA compliance.

Patches and Updates help with the following

  • Add new program features
  • Address security vulnerabilities
  • Add protection against new Virus and Malware threats
  • Fix operating system and / or software bugs
  • Update the device drivers

What happens if I don’t apply updates?

While we are out prospecting new clients we often run into machines that have not been updated in a long time. On site we can often begin a long process installing updates and depending on the age of the machine and the number of updates this increases the time it takes. This in turn will increase the customer’s bill, it woudn’t be best practice to leave before letting the updates finish incase there was a technical issue.

It is not uncommon to find important updates missing, even in companies managed by an in-house IT team can fail to install critical security updates or business software conflicting and rather than investigating a fix they simply uninstall the related update.

A computer without updates is a weak link in your network, Ransomware issues in the past that made the news often was due to computers not getting up to date patches.

Our goal is to help the businesses we work with ensure all computers are updated regularly so there are no ?holes? in their security and their entire network remains protected.

Security Risks

If you fail to install updates to your computers, servers or any other network connected devices then that is a big issue. All it takes is a single device to become infected and your whole network will be at risk.

A Virus or Malware infectioncan have a dramatic effect on business. Cyber criminals don’t only go after large businesses, anyone can become a target, all it takes is having data.


Have you ever had software or your printers suddenly stop communicating with your computer? You had no issues before, but now every time you want to print you have to turn it off and back on again with a glimmer of hope for the best. This can be a conflict due to some systems being updated and others not.

There can be compatibility issues with both hardware and software, if not updated regularly then you are only asking for trouble.

Compliance Issues

If you collect credit cards for payments or keep personal records in your system? If so, you?re probably familiar with PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). They have requirements for collecting, storing, and transmitting customer data securely.

One missed update, can put you at risk for a compliance violation. Along with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) keeping compliant isn’t just about making sure your computers are secure but also non-compliance can result in hefty fines such as 4% of your annual turnover or ?20 million (whichever is higher).

How can we ensure all updates are applied?

Now you know how important it is to install all the latest updates, the next step is to put a plan in action. Those in charge can request that employees update all the machines, however we can see how easy it would be to miss an important update.

While some companies have an in house IT staff that ensures all patches and updates are applied everywhere, not all companies have that option.

Working with an IT partner like Hamilton Technology can take a big job off your plate for a very affordable price. As part of our proactive Preventative Maintenance / Managed Services Plan, we ensure that your computers and other devices are always kept updated with the latest release and your data is protected.

Are all your devices updated?

We can help make sure all your devices are kept up to date, it is important to keep both security and software updates installed to help you run smoothly.

We want to help your business grow, call us on 01423 423068 or complete the form below.

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