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Be All You Can Be Never Give Up On Life

I am sure when we were growing up, the innocence we felt as children and the dreams we held made us feel like we could accomplish anything. Why don’t we then?

With millennials times are changing, however growing up generally we all have someone to look up to for inspiration. This can be family, a public figure or someone we meet that inspires us. Life gives us the unique opportunity to be inspired or to be totally defeated and feel pretty low. There is one thing experience has taught me though, NEVER GIVE UP?Be All You Can Be Never Give Up On Life.

Be All You Can Be Never Give Up On Life

Sounds simple right? The world is not built to be easy, we are given challenges on a regular basis, through belief and persistence it will pay off. I will be honest with you the world is cruel, very cruel.

Many of you go about your regular day and go to work, come home and then repeat. Now I appreciate you may be happy, great if you are and I commend you for that. But I bet there are many of you that still have a desire for more? Financial freedom, break out from the rat race are things I often hear. A great book I recommend is Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki?it is an amazing book, it just gives a great insight into two contrasting ways of living life.

My opening line of “Be All You Can Be” is because I feel if we just exist and go about our business then we are doing ourselves a great disservice if I am honest it makes me weep a little. Humans have the capacity for greatness and we rarely take the opportunity to get out there and do what we truly desire. Please, I beg of you sit down and think about what you truly want and it can become reality.

Being inspired never has to be a temporary emotion

Everyone goes through a rush of inspiration, it can be that sudden light-bulb moment or a realisation of something that you weren’t quite sure of and now it all became clear. I have a strong belief that we can keep looking for inspiration and it will regularly surprise us. So much so is I am going to keep updating this post with regular inspirations as I come across them.

Who inspires me?

I will be honest, I have so many inspirations it would be hard to state. My life growing up was truly hard, my mother and father broke up when I was so very little, my life became about moving from foster home to foster home but my goal was to always put that life behind me as I was too young to change what happened.

History is a big inspiration. You see there is a big push on the statement ‘Don’t look back’, but that is so wrong. Throughout history, there have been important lessons that we can use to mould our future.


I often listen to Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Pat has an amazing ability to get very inspirational guests and during my daily commute I soak up the education. Just recently Pat had a guest called Dan Clark and let me tell you I was moved to tears.

Dan Clark has had an amazing life, he doesn’t just coast along doing one thing he carries on to the next and he has even been to space and he is now a top motivational speaker. Check out his website just click here

I will be updating this post with inspirational information and be validating my findings, I am so moved right now.


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Carl Hamilton
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