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Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments?

Traditionally when we think of sending money our first thoughts would probably be on PayPal. Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments? With their new 15-second ad just showing how easy it can be to use Apple Pay Cash and you can tell Apple wants to make Apple Pay Cash an easy choice for payments and for us to ditch PayPal.

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When Apple Pay Cash was originally?launched back in December it was noticeably missing from the UK iMessage service. Slowly this year, however, it has rolled out to multiple countries and it has become easy to simply send cash.

Do you use Apple Pay Cash? Would you trust it more than PayPal?

I personally think with all the issues with Paypal that we hear about such as scams, Paypal siding with buyers who make bogus claims Apple Pay as the opportunity to make a big advantage, how many iPhones do we so around? It is also worth remembering that iMessage is available on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the Mac so we have no shortage of options for Apple Pay.

Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments?


PayPal Problems

PayPal has been a trusted source of payments but lately, there have been a lot of issues. Scammers like to use PayPal and unfortunately all too often we see PayPal side with the buyers regardless if genuine or not.

I will give you an example, we sold an Xbox One pad through a third-party iPhone app that used PayPal as a payment method. Everything seemed fine leading up to the sale and we?received a notification that the package was delivered.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards a case was opened on Paypal and after providing evidence that the package was sent, even with photo evidence of it packaged up and shipped ( we love to do this for safety and to share with our public). PayPal decided to award a refund to the customer, so essentially we were without the pad and now without the money! Do you think that was fair?

Luckily our bank disagreed with PayPal and refunded the charges but now PayPal write to us asking for the ?70 constantly and recently involved Wescot which our lawyers dealt with swiftly, is it worth the hassle?

I hope that Apple will not be plagued with the same issues but I am excited for what the possibility holds.


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