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September 12, 2018

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4

As?Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4 with a bigger display and all new design

Apple Watch Series 4 has been announced and includes an ECG feature usually reserved for a doctor. With a near edge to edge display, the all-new design is a welcome overhaul to the original?Apple design that was long overdue a change.

With a dual-core?64-bit S4 processor and Apple boasts 18-hour battery life we welcome the new addition. Apple also boasts a 2x performance boost over the Series 3.

Apple Now Detects Falls And Irregular Heart Rhythms

Apple has become an important health tool and has saved many lives due to the heart detection features and now as well as the ECG ability the [...]

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September 11, 2018

Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments?

Traditionally when we think of sending money our first thoughts would probably be on PayPal. Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments? With their new 15-second ad just showing how easy it can be to use Apple Pay Cash and you can tell Apple wants to make Apple Pay Cash an easy choice for payments and for us to ditch PayPal.

When Apple Pay Cash was originally?launched back in December it was noticeably missing from the UK iMessage service. Slowly this year, however, it has rolled out to multiple countries and it has become easy to simply send cash.

Do you use Apple Pay Cash? Would you trust it more than PayPal?

I personally think with all the issues with [...]

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September 3, 2018

Are You Ready For Apples September 12th Event?

Apple is ready to reveal new hardware. We expect new iPhones, a possible redesign of the iPad or some key new additions, along with the Apple Watch Series four.?Are You Ready For Apples September 12th Event?

Apple announces their event with the gather round tagline as the event on September 12th will be held at Steve Jobs Theatre. The event will be streamed from their website and coverage we will be Tweeting out announcements as well as blogging all the content as the event unfolds,?Are You Ready For Apples September 12th Event? Because we are.

Apple is expected to reveal the rumoured iPhone XS a possible 6.5-inch iPhone X a new model of the 5.8-inch variant and a cheaper [...]

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August 15, 2018

Apple Releases Ads to Showcase The Exercise Rings

Now Apple Releases Ads to Showcase The Exercise Rings Do They Encourage You?

Fitness has for a long time been a vital tool in living a long and healthy life. Modern day technology with the focus on fitness devices such as the Apple Watch or the Fit-bit they do become addictive too, encouragement for counting steps and what Apple dubs as “Closing Rings” just look at our recent closure and as Apple Releases Ads to Showcase The Exercise Rings we show you the ads below.

On a daily basis, I am for at least 1000 calories per day, Apple Watch gives you streaks and an almost competitive achievement list to keep you trying to beat previous best targets. Can you [...]

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