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October 8, 2018

You Can’t Add Shared Mailboxes To The iPhone

You Can’t Add Shared Mailboxes To The iPhone, or can you?

We often hear this, consistently people are told that you can’t add Shared Mailboxes to the iPhone

but we are here to squash this belief.

Providing you have full Mailbox permissions then you can quite easily add a Shared Mailbox to your iPhone.

How Do I Add A Shared Mailbox?

The first steps are to take out your iPhone then follow the steps below.

Go to Settings Passwords & Accounts Add Account (account will be IMAP) Enter Name, Shared Mailbox Email Address, Password (Personal Account Password), Description Enter the Info again Host Name use Username is entered [...]
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September 12, 2018

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4

As?Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4 with a bigger display and all new design

Apple Watch Series 4 has been announced and includes an ECG feature usually reserved for a doctor. With a near edge to edge display, the all-new design is a welcome overhaul to the original?Apple design that was long overdue a change.

With a dual-core?64-bit S4 processor and Apple boasts 18-hour battery life we welcome the new addition. Apple also boasts a 2x performance boost over the Series 3.

Apple Now Detects Falls And Irregular Heart Rhythms

Apple has become an important health tool and has saved many lives due to the heart detection features and now as well as the ECG ability the [...]

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September 11, 2018

Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments?

Traditionally when we think of sending money our first thoughts would probably be on PayPal. Can Apple Pay Cash be the easy choice for payments? With their new 15-second ad just showing how easy it can be to use Apple Pay Cash and you can tell Apple wants to make Apple Pay Cash an easy choice for payments and for us to ditch PayPal.

When Apple Pay Cash was originally?launched back in December it was noticeably missing from the UK iMessage service. Slowly this year, however, it has rolled out to multiple countries and it has become easy to simply send cash.

Do you use Apple Pay Cash? Would you trust it more than PayPal?

I personally think with all the issues with [...]

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September 4, 2018

Apple Allows You To Stop The Throttling

Apple has apologised and begun replacing batteries as well as allowing you to disable throttling and stop slowing down the iPhone

This isn’t necessarily new information but as customers have been asking us about iPhone performance we felt our blog needed to show you what happened and what Apple has now done to make amends as?Apple Allows You To Stop The Throttling.

Many Apple users were displaying anger for what essentially doing what was necessary to prolong the life of your iPhone. ?We do think Apple should have provided an optional switch in the first place to avoid this mess. The issues came to light after a Reddit post talking about the performance increase after [...]