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August 2, 2018

How To Flush And Reset DNS Cache

We show you with our?simple guide?How to flush and reset DNS cache. Often we have to solve internet problems on both Windows and Mac and surprisingly it is often resolved just by running the command below.

What is DNS?

To explain DNS it means Dynamic Name Service, the idea is DNS is it changes internet addresses such as to an IP address such as as the Internet doesn’t actually know what the word version of an address is. Once you type an address in your browser the DNS server translates this into an address, for example, our site to which can be seen by using Command Prompt [...]

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July 7, 2018

Reasons You Should Have Security Installed

A frequent question asked is do we really still need an Anti-Virus? So let us delve into our view and we give our?Reasons You Should Have Security Installed

I am sure you have seen the headlines, many news articles covering the news on recent hacks and ransomware causing major issues for companies, but why was it possible to be infected? Let us delve into it a little better and show you the reasons you should have security installed regardless if you use a Mac or a PC.

Windows has built-in virus protection, right?

Yes, it does, however generally a free product that is bundled with the Operating System will never be as strong as a dedicated product. Windows Defender has [...]

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June 24, 2018

Apple finally addressing the issues with butterfly keyboards

The repair program is valid for up to 4 years from the date of purchase

Apple finally addressing the issues with butterfly keyboards. Apple up to now have kept pretty quiet, however, they have finally addressed that the “butterfly” keyboards do have problems. If you have purchased a recent Macbook or Macbook pro and are affected by the fault, Apple has?released an extended keyboard program

Apple has stated that the keyboard will be inspected and depending on the fault it will either cover one or more keys or complete keyboard replacement. Owners will be covered for up to four years from the date it was bought at retail (date of original purchase, not counting [...]