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September 20, 2018

Meet CHTSI Serve Our Popular Managed Service Plan

Service Plans are quickly becoming the norm, we have adjusted our managed plans to suit our customer requests

Due to a demand for a multi-tier plan, we decided that it would be best to provide a service model that our customers wanted. ?Meet CHTSI Serve Our Popular Managed Service Plan, and we now include Online Backup in our CHTSI Serve Max tier.

What Is Included?

Earlier in the year, we linked to a popular blog post asking Maintenance Plans – What Are They??now we are back with a 3 product package to suit your needs and we included:

Automatic Tune-ups Clear Temporary/Junk Files Clear leftover Windows Update Files (often multiple GBs of space taken) Correct [...]
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July 29, 2018

What Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan can make a difference between a business continuing and a complete crash and burn. Don’t be caught out before it is too late, so what is your disaster recovery plan?

All businesses and even those with computers in the home should be prepared for a failure. A disaster could appear in many forms such as accidental damage, theft, flood or fire. In the IT industry coming across this situation is all too familiar. Unfortunately, companies are usually trying to recover from a disaster when it is often too late. Hamilton Technology always lays out questions to find out a company or individuals disaster recovery plans and our primary question is always [...]

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July 17, 2018

Maintenance Plans – What Are They?

Is your computer slowing down? You’ve been using your computer and it no longer runs like you remember? Our Maintenance Plans help to restore your computer to the speed you remember without having to replace your machine

There is nothing worse than using a computer and having to wait for a program to open or for a file, you are just trying to open but the machine just keeps on making noises but nothing opens. Why does it happen? The reason is often a build up of junk files a machine will typically keep hold of, we offer Maintenance Plans to make sure we can keep your machine in tip-top shape without you having to go through the trouble of taking it to a computer shop or [...]