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October 8, 2018

You Can’t Add Shared Mailboxes To The iPhone

You Can’t Add Shared Mailboxes To The iPhone, or can you?

We often hear this, consistently people are told that you can’t add Shared Mailboxes to the iPhone

but we are here to squash this belief.

Providing you have full Mailbox permissions then you can quite easily add a Shared Mailbox to your iPhone.

How Do I Add A Shared Mailbox?

The first steps are to take out your iPhone then follow the steps below.

Go to Settings Passwords & Accounts Add Account (account will be IMAP) Enter Name, Shared Mailbox Email Address, Password (Personal Account Password), Description Enter the Info again Host Name use Username is entered [...]
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September 4, 2018

Apple Allows You To Stop The Throttling

Apple has apologised and begun replacing batteries as well as allowing you to disable throttling and stop slowing down the iPhone

This isn’t necessarily new information but as customers have been asking us about iPhone performance we felt our blog needed to show you what happened and what Apple has now done to make amends as?Apple Allows You To Stop The Throttling.

Many Apple users were displaying anger for what essentially doing what was necessary to prolong the life of your iPhone. ?We do think Apple should have provided an optional switch in the first place to avoid this mess. The issues came to light after a Reddit post talking about the performance increase after [...]

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August 19, 2018

An iPhone Setting we recommend everyone changes for privacy

The iPhone lock screen shows you all the notifications you’ve received but what if we wanted more privacy? ?We show you?An iPhone Setting we recommend everyone changes for privacy

By default, an iPhone will show you a small preview of all the messages you’ve received and a preview of all the notifications from your applications, I am sure most of you will agree a little extra privacy would be nice? We show you?An iPhone Setting we recommend everyone changes for privacy.


Suppose your loved one sent you a very private message and your phone was on a table for the world to see? Having the extra privacy can be really helpful and give you a little [...]

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