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EU Green lights Apple’s Purchase of Shazam

The European Union has approved Apple’s plan to purchase Shazam. After an antitrust investigation, the EU deemed that Apple acquiring Shazam would not hurt competition.

Apple announced it was purchasing Shazam in December, the purchase was stalled when the EU launched an anti-competitive investigation. There was a fear that through the Shazam purchase Apple would allow Apple Music to unfairly tilt the competition. Following this?EU Green lights Apple’s Purchase of Shazam, making the purchase official now.

Since Siri began offering song names a few years ago by simply asking Siri “What Song Am I Playing?”. The technology for this came through Apple licensing Shazam.

Apple Music and Shazam are a natural fit, sharing a passion for music discovery and delivering great music experiences to our users Apple confirmed in a statement

How Will Apple Use Shazam?

We are none the wiser on how Apple intends to use Shazam as the app is currently available on multiple platforms including Android and Windows-based systems. The obvious would be an Apple music integration to quickly identify a song from a radio or any music you hear playing. I would expect then be able to see this in Apple Music, as well as other Shazam features.

It is clear Apple looks to be increasing Apple Music features and for good reason too according to Statista as of April 2018 Apple has 40 million Apple Music subscribers?compared to Spotify currently has 70 million paying subscribers as of January 2018?

EU Green lights Apple's Purchase of Shazam


Revival Of The iPod

Okay not really the physical iPod but music is to still play a huge part of Apple. Despite their efforts focusing on the iPhone with the purchase of Shazam, we have to hope they have big plans for the future.

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