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How To Change Your DNS Server On Windows 10

When Your Broadband Is Setup You Are Often Setup With The Standard One From The ISP. We Show You?How To Change Your DNS Server On Windows 10

You may be up and running and don’t have a worry in the world about your connection, but did you know that the standard DNS servers your ISP comes with often will not be the fastest and lacks security that we all should be considering now.

It is not something that you have to do, if you would like the potential of speeding up webpages and feel like you are a little geeky like us then changing your DNS server could be helpful. An increase of speed and security can make the biggest difference.

What Is DNS?

The term DNS stands for Dynamic Name Service and is a process where the address you type such as the request is processed and a database is checked the result is the IP address that comes back. For example using the example of if you access the CMD prompt and type ping it translates to

Generally users don’t care about DNS as memorising IP addresses would be impractical, we agree but there is a use case to use a DNS service.

Why change DNS server?

As stated above your ISP?s DNS server may not be as fast as using a third-party service. This will have a minor impact on browsing speed,?we find more important is the security improvements changing your DNS server could have.

ISPs do collect data on your browsing habits. Every website you visit using their DNS server can be tracked. The ISP also has your personal details, they can easily compile quite a lot of information affecting your privacy.

Changing your DNS makes data collection much more difficult to do.

If you need help changing DNS or troubleshooting then contacting us can help resolve your difficulties.

How To Change Your DNS Server In Windows 10

You can change your DNS Quickly in Windows 10 and we show you how:

  • Open Settings and select Network & Internet.
  • Select Change Adapter Options
  • Right click your Network Adapter and select Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then Properties.
  • Toggle Use the following DNS server addresses and type in two DNS addresses.
  • Select OK when done.

Suggestions Of DNS Servers To Try

Some of the servers we recommend are:


Address One:

Address Two:


Address One:

Address Two: (CloudFare great for speed):

Address One:

Address Two:

If you experience any difficulties with changing your DNS, or if you have concerns over your privacy we can assist. HTSI can assist in Computer Repair, Networking issues and many other IT issues, complete our Online Form below or call 01423 423068 (leave a message) and we would be happy to assist.

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