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Maintenance Plans – What Are They?

Is your computer slowing down? You’ve been using your computer and it no longer runs like you remember? Our Maintenance Plans help to restore your computer to the speed you remember without having to replace your machine

There is nothing worse than using a computer and having to wait for a program to open or for a file, you are just trying to open but the machine just keeps on making noises but nothing opens. Why does it happen? The reason is often a build up of junk files a machine will typically keep hold of, we offer Maintenance Plans to make sure we can keep your machine in tip-top shape without you having to go through the trouble of taking it to a computer shop or re-installing yourself.

What is the benefit over just calling when you have an issue?

Typical repair jobs can be costly when cleaning up?a machine and are often time-consuming and these days the repair job can often be more expensive than the value of the computer. With our software many of these maintenance tasks can be carried out on a regular basis without taking up an engineers time, all we need is an Internet connection.

That is why we offer our product for only ?10 per month. we include a Managed Antivirus service which some competitors sell inferior standalone Antivirus for ?80 a year. We even provide a cleanup session once your account is active. Alternatively, we do offer the same great package without the inclusion of a Managed AntiVirus for a low price of ?7.99 a month.

Maintenance Plans makes it easier for you, we can manage all your devices and keep you working and make sure you don’t lose any important data.

What do we include in our Maintenance Plans?

WatchGuard IT doesn’t just clear your machine of junk, we also offer Patch Management for Windows Updates and software updates. This helps keep your machine secure and be kept up to date with any new features.

A list of included features are:

  • Automatic Tune-ups
  • Clear Temporary/Junk Files
  • Clear leftover Windows Update Files (often multiple GBs of space taken)?Maintenance Plans
  • Correct registry errors
  • Frequently scan system files and repair any errors
  • Managed Anti-virus (optional with the Maintenance Plans)
  • Maintenance Plans set for daily/weekly/monthly
  • Prevents Browser hijacking and spam
  • Windows Updates

Can you explain the Maintenance Plans and their features in more detail?

Our clients regularly ask what is included in WatchGuard IT, we decided to publish more information to help you decide and be informed.

Automatic Tune-up

Imagine you start up your machine and you are sat waiting with a spinning wheel, the computer not providing you with information about what is going on, this is a regular occurrence we see and one of the frustrations our clients used to have to cope with. Our Maintenance Plans were designed to help with this, we set up a schedule that suits your usage and then we clean out the unnecessary files and optimise the filesystem to help prevent slow down. We will work with you to decide on the appropriate schedule as we wouldn’t want to begin our tuneup when you were in the middle of something important.

Clear temporary and junk files

Have you ever been using your machine and suddenly you get a warning that you’re running low on space? Although on modern machines there is often an abundance of space not clearing junk will cause significant slowdown, also if your machine is still using a mechanical drive there will be a defragmentation issue to explain what that is, try and imagine a desk full of documents and you mess them up but now you need a specific document. Finding a document when you make a mess like that could take a bit of time, well that is like defragmentation the less structured the files the longer it will take to open.

Clearing Windows Update Files

Windows 10 often releases feature updates, but what happens is a previous version is retained on the drive in case you need to go back. Our clients regularly used to complain about large amounts of space disappearing that they couldn’t explain, well this is why and so now we implemented auto cleanup to make sure the operating system is limited to how much space it can use for temporary storage.

Correct Registry errors

Windows running slow? Errors when opening programs? Unable to open Microsoft Edge or Photos? Often this can occur due to a corruption in the operating system files, we call this the Registry. Through our Maintenance Plans, we back up and maintain the registry and if an error occurs we receive an alert and can make sure we correct most of the time before you even notice an issue.

Frequently Scan System files and repair errors

Often through Windows update issues or simply machines not correctly shutting down, essential system files can become corrupt. The result of this can be a slow startup and shutdown, programs not behaving correctly or Windows not actually working. Without software, we make sure that you can keep working as we maintain essential system files and are alerted to any detected issues

Managed AntiVirus

The Internet is always advising people to get security, we often see people using Windows Defender but this is not enough for complete protection. When you sign up with our Maintenance Plans, if you opt for the package with Virus Protection then you are receiving a Managed Virus Protection Service which is packed with Corporate level protection?available in your home. We protect you from Ransomware so you won’t be blackmailed for money and be at risk of losing precious pictures of your children, wedding or family holidays.

Regular scans are performed and we can also configure it to protect you from infections from external drives and downloads from the Internet. Protection is essential in this day and age as the Internet no longer feels a safe place with scams and hacking attempts a constant issue for businesses and even home users.

Maintenance Plans

We have mentioned quite a lot about maintenance with the other sections, however, it deserved a section as with everything we do we can opt to arrange an appointment on a regular basis to remote onto your machine and check for any issues unable to be seen by our software. Sometimes spotting speed issues need the first-hand experience, we include this within the price and often a support one-off job can be an expensive service call.

Prevents Browser hijacking and spam

One of the key features we have is making sure to remove any unwanted hijacking attempts and if a file is downloaded that contains something unsafe we will be notified and then can clean remotely or alert you as the customer to the issue. We also offer spam protection if we are looking after your email and website, don’t be caught our by phishing scams, let us help you.

Windows Updates

Windows updates are often something people either set and forget and they are constantly pestered to update or never update at all. Imagine you have that important meeting scheduled at 3 pm and you are holding a remote presentation, you fire up your laptop to be greeted by a Windows is updating screen. There is nothing worse than forced updates so we work with you for schedules and make sure critical updates are applied to keep you safe.

Maintenance Plans

Are there any exclusions?

The only thing we have to exclude would be time-consuming repairs, consider this if we had a tech working on your computer for an hour for only the monthly fee their pay rate would be very poor. We would love to include repairs too but it just wouldn’t be great for a lengthy relationship. We can promise you though that we will minimise the need for any big jobs and we would always offer a discounted rate to our maintenance customers.

If you experience issues with other areas such as email feel free to reach out too, our Outlook expert page provides more information.

You’ve read about the features and what we can do for you, are you ready to get started?

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