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OneDrive Out Of Space

Microsoft has been generous with OneDrive space by offering a default space limit of 1TB, not all companies allow employees to fill 1TB and in our experience sometimes exceed their allocated storage. We take you through a possible solution to resolve this if you think you’ve no where near reached your limit.

Employees may be allocated less space

OneDrive by design was made to sync local documents up to the Cloud, originally Microsoft forced users to have a copy on the local device and the Cloud. Lately that model changed in light of their Surface devices available with as little as 32GB onboard memory, an online only mode was inevitable.

So why would we allocate less space? An Office 365 subscription comes with 1TB of OneDrive space available per user, now if you consider in an office of 100 people or even less, the bandwidth requirements if staff store large quantities of data will require constant syncing. This can be heavy on bandwidth and result in unnecessary files being stored online.

Limitations will enable you to enforce staff keeping a tight lid on what they store and performing regular cleanup of their own documents, who needs an expenses form from 2014 now? You’ve established a limitation is required and once set if an employee may hit this limit and if they do OneDrive will be unusable until space is freed.

I don’t have that many documents?

We encountered this very issue today, a user had a 10GB limit on their OneDrive and it appeared as though they used all their space. Upon looking into it they had actually used 3.1GB, so where did the over 6.9GB go?

One key thing to look out for is OneDrive has versioning on the files you save, autosave is a default option and every time a change is made Office 365 will save a version of the file incase you make a mistake as illustrated below.

For security and privacy reasons we are unable to show the original file but we had a 250MB Powerpoint document that had several versions totalling 3.1GB and several other large Powerpoint slides taking up 6.9GB of space.

How do I remove OneDrive version history?

If you are happy with the current version or you want to delete some of them then the good news is it is very easy to do so.

Find the OneDrive icon on your Taskbar (available in the bottom right, next to the clock) and right click.

Select Manage Storage as shown below

You will be taken to the webpage for the Site Collections to manage your documents.

Click into the Documents folder or wherever you have stored large files and on the right there will be a Version History tab

Select any version except the latest from the dropdown on the right and you will be given an option to Restore, Download, Delete, if you select Delete it will remove the version. Alternatively you can choose to Delete All Versions and this will remove all the history except the latest file.



Once this action was performed we were able to free 6.9GB so the user had 3 presentations taking up that much space, are you affected in the same way?

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