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Samsung carries on making free advertising videos for Apple

It is almost embarrassing for them, but?Samsung carries on making free advertising videos for Apple

Recently Samsung debuted it’s new Galaxy Note 9 device and following this Samsung has updated their ads to include what they call ‘Ingenius Ads’ but I kinda feel it is more like Samsung carries on making free advertising videos for Apple. Samsung has been doing this for quite a while and I’m expecting that they hope it will encourage users to switch from the iPhone or just justify their own purchase.

Why is it free advertising for Apple?

If you consider what the ads do, they showcase what Apple devices do, commenting on features and they even show a fake Apple store. Not one bit of the video actually showcases what their own products can do except for mentioning it as an almost passing comment. As an example see the video below, it literally references a feature that IOS12 has announced with up to 32 people using Facetime, Samsung’s response is to simply state “why would I want to do that”.


There is some truth why would you want 32 people in one video call, but at least have a come back that references something their product can do.

Is Samsung being honest?

Unfortunately, there is dishonesty in their videos too, the above video starts off by stating the Note 9 is powerful but benchmarking has shown that the iPhone X still outperforms

– Stats to be added later

Their second video talks about the Apple Pencil and using it on the iPad and they question why we can’t use it on the iPhone, fair point but why would we? iPhones are not the size of the Note range size and there is no need to use the Pen.


Next Samsung talks about download speeds, now they are technically not wrong, however, what they are doing is referring to 5G networks that the Note 9 supports but not a single Carrier supports 5G as it stands so it will make no difference to a customer.

Here are a few other adverts they released as a Samsung?VS iPhone

What is your view?

I feel these ads do nothing positive for Samsung and everything to help Apple, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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