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November 23, 2018

Top 6 Tech Travel Tips

Travelling soon for the holidays? This also means your tech needs to be prepared and ready to go, here is our?Top 6 Tech Travel Tips.

If you are going away for the holidays or to visit family you may be like me and need to have your Smartphone, laptop and other devices such as an e-book reader or a tablet computer. They can add a ton of value to any vacation and if you are a keen fitness fanatic even a Smartwatch such as the Apple Watch 4 can come in handy.

Here are a few we had in mind:

Updates & Third-party Updates

Set aside some time before you go to run any Windows Updates, the chances are when you are on your travels you will have no control over your internet [...]

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July 29, 2018

What Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan can make a difference between a business continuing and a complete crash and burn. Don’t be caught out before it is too late, so what is your disaster recovery plan?

All businesses and even those with computers in the home should be prepared for a failure. A disaster could appear in many forms such as accidental damage, theft, flood or fire. In the IT industry coming across this situation is all too familiar. Unfortunately, companies are usually trying to recover from a disaster when it is often too late. Hamilton Technology always lays out questions to find out a company or individuals disaster recovery plans and our primary question is always [...]

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July 21, 2018

Top Reasons To Move To The Cloud

The “Cloud” has become a top talking point these days. Companies, tech sites and applications both screaming out as “in the Cloud”. With that said should you also be in the cloud? We like to think so, the Cloud should not just be about a buzzword, every business application is touting the buzzword “Cloud” as late so we are listing our top reasons to move to the cloud too.

Cloud Brings Collaboration

Believe it or not, we often have to highlight the major potential that the cloud gives companies to collaborate, sharing documents makes your business so much more efficient. You can collaborate on documents around the world and in real-time [...]