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October 10, 2018

Why Has Excel Updated My Sources?

After Opening My Microsoft Excel Document?Why Has Excel Updated My Sources? My Excel Sheet Now Shows #Ref

We assume by design as Microsoft was made aware of this behaviour back when Microsoft Office 2010 was popular. We think that Microsoft does not label this a bug as in a Microsoft KB article?the behaviour is explained.

In this document Microsoft posts:

Scenarios that may cause links to not work as expected

There are several circumstances in which links between files can be inadvertently made to point to erroneous locations. The following are two of the most common scenarios.

Scenario 1:

You map a drive under the root of a share. For [...]
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September 20, 2018

Meet CHTSI Serve Our Popular Managed Service Plan

Service Plans are quickly becoming the norm, we have adjusted our managed plans to suit our customer requests

Due to a demand for a multi-tier plan, we decided that it would be best to provide a service model that our customers wanted. ?Meet CHTSI Serve Our Popular Managed Service Plan, and we now include Online Backup in our CHTSI Serve Max tier.

What Is Included?

Earlier in the year, we linked to a popular blog post asking Maintenance Plans – What Are They??now we are back with a 3 product package to suit your needs and we included:

Automatic Tune-ups Clear Temporary/Junk Files Clear leftover Windows Update Files (often multiple GBs of space taken) Correct [...]
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August 22, 2018

Why You Should Switch To Office 365

Office 365 is a productive set of tools that businesses should not be without. Office 365 is more than just a set of business programs. Office 365 can help make you more productive and reduce costs down the line, Hamilton Technology provides key reasons why you should switch to Office 365

Microsoft has brought together the Office suite we all know and incorporated Windows 10 and enterprise security. We at Hamilton Technology understand the importance of having business software we can trust. We provide a few reasons why we believe it is the right product to use and we give you reasons why you should switch to Office 365.


With built-in security and compliance [...]

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July 21, 2018

Top Reasons To Move To The Cloud

The “Cloud” has become a top talking point these days. Companies, tech sites and applications both screaming out as “in the Cloud”. With that said should you also be in the cloud? We like to think so, the Cloud should not just be about a buzzword, every business application is touting the buzzword “Cloud” as late so we are listing our top reasons to move to the cloud too.

Cloud Brings Collaboration

Believe it or not, we often have to highlight the major potential that the cloud gives companies to collaborate, sharing documents makes your business so much more efficient. You can collaborate on documents around the world and in real-time [...]