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August 23, 2018

Top 10 Things To Do With A New Computer

When you get a new computer there are essential things you must do to keep it running well, we list our preferences and congratulate you on your new purchase.

Regardless of whether you get a new Windows-based machine or a Mac, you will want to get set up so that you will have no issues going forward, this article will focus on Windows but we will be doing a Mac version later on. Enjoy the read of our?Top 10 Things To Do With A New Computer.

1. Install Windows Updates

It can be easy to mistakenly think that a new computer will come with all the Windows updates fully installed, unfortunately, that is generally not the case. Microsoft releases updates on a weekly basis, [...]

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July 17, 2018

Maintenance Plans – What Are They?

Is your computer slowing down? You’ve been using your computer and it no longer runs like you remember? Our Maintenance Plans help to restore your computer to the speed you remember without having to replace your machine

There is nothing worse than using a computer and having to wait for a program to open or for a file, you are just trying to open but the machine just keeps on making noises but nothing opens. Why does it happen? The reason is often a build up of junk files a machine will typically keep hold of, we offer Maintenance Plans to make sure we can keep your machine in tip-top shape without you having to go through the trouble of taking it to a computer shop or [...]

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July 7, 2018

Reasons You Should Have Security Installed

A frequent question asked is do we really still need an Anti-Virus? So let us delve into our view and we give our?Reasons You Should Have Security Installed

I am sure you have seen the headlines, many news articles covering the news on recent hacks and ransomware causing major issues for companies, but why was it possible to be infected? Let us delve into it a little better and show you the reasons you should have security installed regardless if you use a Mac or a PC.

Windows has built-in virus protection, right?

Yes, it does, however generally a free product that is bundled with the Operating System will never be as strong as a dedicated product. Windows Defender has [...]