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You Can’t Add Shared Mailboxes To The iPhone

You Can’t Add Shared Mailboxes To The iPhone, or can you?

We often hear this, consistently people are told that you can’t add Shared Mailboxes to the iPhone

but we are here to squash this belief.

Providing you have full Mailbox permissions then you can quite easily add a Shared Mailbox to your iPhone.

How Do I Add A Shared Mailbox?

The first steps are to take out your iPhone then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Passwords & Accounts
  3. Add Account (account will be IMAP)
  4. Enter Name, Shared Mailbox Email Address, Password (Personal Account Password), Description
  5. Enter the Info again Host Name use
  6. Username is entered as Personal email (with Shared Mailbox permission followed by / and then the Shared Mailbox name such as this would add the Mailbox
  7. Enter Outgoing Mail Server as
  8. Username is personal E-mail address and password

See Screenshots To See The Visual Steps

From Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Other

Select Add Mail Account


Enter Shared Mailbox E-mail address and Personal Account Password


Enter Hostname with and username contains personal E-mail address followed by / followed by Shared Mailbox name



Once added the tick boxes will show



The account will provide optional Mail and Notes that can be switched on or off



Any Questions?

If you are struggling to get the account working, or you feel you need some help to get setup then please reach out to us. Either use our Contact Page or call 01423 423068.




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